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Vaccine Diplomacy
By Micah Halpern

Wednesday February 24, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

I call it Vaccine Diplomacy.

Israel is giving COVID vaccines to countries that have already moved, or promised to move, their embassies to Jerusalem.

Israel is giving vaccines to those countries that have opened their diplomatic doors to them.

The ability to vaccinate your citizens, when vaccines are expensive and difficult to come by, is of the great benefits of creating relations with Jewish State.

Honduras, Guatemala and the Czech Republic will all benefit from Israel’s Vaccine Diplomacy.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu explained that: “Our stock is above and beyond what Israelis need; we have more than enough to help out.”

More countries are in line to receive COVID vaccines from Israel – and more and more vaccines are arriving in Israel.

Pfizer was, for a long time, the only vaccine administered in Israel. That’s because Israel agreed to transmit to all the details of the public rollout to Pfizer, allowing the drug company to use Israel as their test country.

Now however the Moderna has arrived. And Israel has more than enough vaccine, allowing them to be generous to their “friends” in need.

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25 February 2021 11:38 AM in Thoughts

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