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Israel & US in Conflict
By Micah Halpern

Friday December 3, 2021
I've Been Thinking:

Israel and the United States have, thus far, avoided serious conflict.

There are, however, some very looming disagreements between the two nations. While each side has voiced their objections, they have been voiced, for the most part, behind closed doors.

But the conflicts might be too big to keep quietly hidden.

The United States is very angry with Israel for having moved ahead on the building of thousands of homes in an area about which they made a promise to the US that they would not build.

Israel, meanwhile, cannot fathom how naďve the United States and other Western nations are regarding Iran and Iranian nuclear plans.

And the idea of opening a consulate in Jerusalem to service the Palestinians is a bone of tremendous tension.

Israel’s advancing and reaching out to China does not make the US happy. Neither does the discovery of Israeli spy software that has been used to spy on allies.

Only so many issues can be kept behind closed doors – eventually frustration reaches the boiling point and someone runs to the press. We’re almost there.

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5 December 2021 04:28 PM in Thoughts

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